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Kibur Science Spotlight: June is National Cancer Survivorship Month

June marks National Cancer Survivorship Month, a time to celebrate those individuals who have survived and continue to thrive despite their difficult journeys with cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, approximately 2 million people will be diagnosed with cancer in 2023, creating drastic changes for the lives of those diagnosed and their loved ones. 

Research plays a critical role in the diagnosis and treatment plan of each individual patient. Kibur Medical is dedicated to closing translational gaps in research to create a more patient-centered approach to treatment. Our recent clinical studies suggest a potentially new approach to select the right oncology drug for the right patient by measurement of the in vivo response of a tumor to individual drugs or combinations introduced into the tumor by the Kibur Medical FDA-approved NanoNailTM.  Patient safety continues to be our highest priority and in over 150 NanoNails implanted in cancer patients, there has been no severe adverse event in eight clinical studies. As we conduct more clinical research, we continue to evaluate the application of the NanoNail in precision medicine with the goal of developing effective tests to help oncologists and their patients choose the right drug most effective to treat their cancer.  

Cancer can impact anyone and bring new challenges into a person’s life. However, individuals can reduce their risk of getting cancer by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding tobacco products, as well as staying current with their cancer screenings. Survivors should follow the lifestyle and diet recommendations given to them by their treatment team; but it is generally recommended that they continue healthy exercise and diet habits, as well as getting enough sleep and reducing their stress levels. 

As of early 2022, there are an estimated 18.1 million cancer survivors living in the US, and this number is projected to increase to 22.5 million by 2032. This month, it’s important to celebrate the difficult journey that cancer survivors have undergone, as well as recognize that a fulfilling and wonderful life is possible after a cancer diagnosis. 

Additional resources for cancer survivors can be found here


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