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Accelerating a New Era in Oncology Drug Development and Precision Therapies

Transforming Cancer Care

The Kibur Medical technology provides a comprehensive molecular profile of the in vivo response of a tumor to up to 20 different oncology drugs or drug combinations simultaneously.

With this information drug developers can design better tolerated, more potent oncology drugs or drug combinations with an increased chance of clinical success and biomarkers predictive of drug efficacy.

Direct measurement of tumor response to different oncology drugs or drug combinations helps identify effective therapies for patients who do not respond to the standard-of-care treatment.

Today’s Challenge

Current translational models in pre-clinical oncology development do not accurately replicate the full complexity of human tumor biology. This results in incomplete knowledge of the tumor-drug response and therefore significantly increases the risk and cost of failure by shifting risk from pre-clinical to clinical development.

Our Solution

We have engineered an innovative, tumor-implanted, drug-eluting microdevice for simultaneous in situ molecular profiling of tumor response to up to 20 different individual oncology drugs and drug combinations.

After retrieval and processing, the resulting multi-omic, spatially registered, single-cell data is analyzed with advanced machine learning and bioinformatic algorithms to provide a deep, comprehensive understanding of the molecular mechanisms of drug-tumor interaction for each drug or drug combination. With the ability to measure in vivo functional activity of multiple compounds simultaneously, the Kibur solution minimizes development risk, reduces clinical attrition, and saves costs.

Micro device loaded with different drugs or drug combinations

Device is implanted

Process retrieved microdevice and surrounding tumor tissue

Multiomic Tumor Drug Response Measurement

Histological data is collected and analyzed for drug response measurement


Different Proteins






Discover Optimal Drug Combinations

Determine efficacious drug combinations by screening up to 20 different drug combinations at once in a single tumor simultaneously.

Accelerate Lead Discovery with in vivo High Content Screening

Lead compound discovery from in vivo high content screening of up to 20 compounds at once in a physiologically relevant tumor microenvironment.

Directly Confirm Drug Mechanism of Action.

Spatially registered, single cell, multi-omic profiling provides deep molecular information on tumor response to different drugs or drug combinations.

Identify Predictive Biomarkers

Discover biomarkers as key indicators of drug activity in a physiologically relevant tumor environment.

Human Clinical Testing to Fail Early

Gain early insight into lead molecules efficacy prior to commitment to phased clinical trials.

Key Advantages

Scientifically Proven

Extensive scientific and clinical validation with 20+ publications in high profile, peer-reviewed journals.

Unprecedented Insight

In vivo, multiomic, spatially registered, single-cell data analyzed with advanced bioinformatic tools delivers a comprehensive, multi-dimensional molecular view of the tumor interaction for all tested drugs or drug combinations.

Multiplex Analysis

Simultaneous testing of up to 20 different drug combinations in an intact tumor reveals unique and efficacious combination therapies, especially for immuno-oncology applications.

Clinical De-risking

In situ tumor drug sensitivity profiling in both human tumors and animal tumor models provides early insight into the potential clinical performance of lead molecules.

Patient Centric

Prediction of clinical response from in situ testing of tumor response to different oncology drugs or drug combinations can potentially allow selection of the most efficacious therapy, including standard-of-care, that improves patient outcome.

Clinically Tested

Under evaluation in six FDA approved clinical trials.


In The Press

May 4, 2022

Kibur Medical announces a strategic partnership with Charles River Laboratories to advance preclinical oncology studies

"Implantable microdevice provides unique insight into individual and combination therapy efficacy during early-stage discovery"

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Kibur Medical is a privately held company based in Boston, Learn more about our current job opportunities and how you can join our talented team of scientists. Together, we are poised to transform cancer care and accelerate a new era in precision oncology drug and diagnostic development.


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