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Kibur Science Spotlight: Identification of favorable immune-oncology drugs through microdosing device in humanized mouse-model of renal cancer

Renal cancer is a disease in which cancer cells form in the tubules of the kidney, and approximately 90% of kidney cancers develop from renal cell cancer. There are several types of renal cell cancers and knowing which type of renal cell cancer a patient may have is an important factor when approaching treatment. One of the major challenges currently facing oncology is how to optimally combine immunotherapies with other available anti-cancer treatments. Through the use of the Kibur Medical implantable microdevice, multiple immunotherapies can be microdosed into a tumor and subsequently analyzed to see if the microdose caused immunogenic cell death within the tumor. 

In this study, humanized mice were implanted with renal cancer tumors via a patient derived xenograft. Some mice were implanted with a microdevice that contained microdoses of various immunotherapies, while other mice weren’t injected with the microdevice. A systemic anti-PD1 treatment was also injected in both conditions with and without the microdevice implanted. Anti-PD 1 treatment induces the body’s T-cells to kill tumor cells and the results revealed that in combination with the anti-PD1 treatment, Sorafenib, Oxalipatin and Doxorubicin showed the strongest increase in apoptosis induction within the renal cancer cells, which indicates that these treatments may be most effective in killing tumor cells. 

This multiplexed method of analyzing a range of immunotherapies in combination with other cancer therapies within a single tumor could provide an effective and efficient approach to a mechanistic understanding of combination therapies and reveal potentially efficacious combinations for translation to clinical testing in a Phase 0 microdosing study.  This collaborative study with Charles River Laboratories shows promise for future research and further development in the field of oncology.

More details on Kibur’s microdosing technology and the poster can be found on our website (

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