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Kibur Science Spotlight: Identifying the Additive and Synergistic Effects of Combination Immunotherapy Treatments in a Renal Cell Cancer Patient Derived Xenograft Model

Identifying how to optimally combine immunotherapies with other available anti-cancer therapies and identifying biomarkers predictive of response is a major challenge in oncology. Traditionally, only one potential combination can be examined per mouse in a systemic dosing study, and large cohorts are needed to draw statistically significant conclusions on its efficacy. The different cellular pathways modulated by a drug combination will likely manifest in a pattern of protein and gene expression as indicators of tumor response as opposed to the change in expression of a single gene or protein.  A systematic method to screen many potential combination therapies and measure the intratumor molecular response in a small animal cohort has remained elusive.  Our recent study examines the NanoNail’s™ role in de-risking drug development and enabling Phase 0 microdose testing.

For more information, find the study here:

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